GamePlan is a group dining platform that provides venues an opportunity to market directly to large groups, especially focusing on the lucrative corporate market. We provide a new revenue stream while reducing the burden of planning and coordination on the venue staff. 

What you get

  • Your own page on GamePlan to share group dining information like venue description, cuisine, tags, menu options, room configurations, and pictures.
  • Confirmed bookings, not inquiries. Accept online reservations with room and menu details + credit card guarantee and/or deposit from the guest.

How GamePlan works

  • GamePlan follows your private dining rules: room fees, minimums, deposits, etc. 
  • No subscription, setup fee, or upfront cost - we get paid when you do. 
  • Billing goes through the GamePlan website and is paid out via Braintree in 2-3 business days. The final bill amount is submitted via the GamePlan Venue Portal when the party is complete.
  • Once a guest books on GamePlan, you will have a 24-hour period to confirm the reservation, in case something was booked earlier that day or week.
  • GamePlan will pass along the venue's contact information once the booking is complete. We encourage the party and/or venue to reach out to each other with any questions that GamePlan can’t handle. 
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