Finding the best dining experiences for your event is easy and takes less than a minute.

When you visit the GamePlan homepage, you'll immediately find a list of available dining experiences from various venues.

Dining experiences are like customizable packages you reserve from the restaurant. They come with a confirmed space or private room, a fixed-price food or drink menu, and optional addons to enhance your event, such as bar packages or equipment rentals.

Filter by occasion type

At the top of the screen you can select the specific occasion of your event, which will update your results to show only experiences relevant to that type. For example, select "Receptions" to filter to results with standing reception options.

Set your event logistics

GamePlan can show you only the results with open rooms for the specific date/time and guest count of your event. Simply set your date, time, and guest count to filter. 

You may also set the location and maximum distance you'd like to search from. For example, enter your office address and select the desired distance to show experiences from restaurants near the office.

Results at a glance

Your results list shows the most important details about each experience to consider. You'll see a photo, the price, distance, and description of the offering. In addition, a list of available rooms and important characteristics such as cuisine and atmosphere type are available. To see more details and make a reservation, click anywhere on the result.

Instant booking results

For your convenience, non-instant booking results are shown separately from those offering instant booking, and a filter is available to only show results with instant booking availability. Learn more about instant booking.

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