Keeping your venue's room availability up to date is essential to ensuring a smooth booking experience for your guests. During onboarding, your account manager will help set up a method to track your inventory.

If you already use another calendar or event management tool to keep track of room availability, you may be able to "link" the bookings from that tool with GamePlan. 


  • We can use any publicly-accessible URL that provides a standard calendar feed (.ics or iCal format)
  • Each calendar feed should represent ONE room only
  • Each event in the calendar should represent a time that should be unavailable to book via GamePlan

Here's how to find this link by your provider.

Google Calendar

Sign into Google Calendar with the account your room calendar is synced to.

Click the arrow next to the calendar containing the room's bookings and select Calendar settings

In the Private Address section of the screen, click on the ICAL icon, copy the URL provided, and send it to your account manager.


  1. Go to and sign in with the account your calendar is synced to.
  2. Go to the Calendar section.
  3. On the left side of the screen, click the icon next to the name of the calendar you are tracking your room's availability in. This will open the Calendar Sharing popup, as shown below.
  4. Check the Public Calendar box, copy the link provided, and send it to your account manager for further setup.


Please contact your account manager for assistance.

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