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Why venues join GamePlan?
Receive parties, not inquiries


Onboarding Next Steps
Get your venue online and start booking parties in a few easy steps


Adding the GamePlan booking widget to your website
Showcase your group dining options and accept online reservations from interested guests 24/7 - all on your own website.
How to show an "interactive banquet packet" on your website
Use GamePlan's in-page experience widget to showcase your venue and even accept from guests - without ever leaving your website.

Integrating with third party services

Track room availability from external calendars
If you already use Google Calendar, Tripleseat, Gather, or other software to manage room inventory, you may be able to share it with us.
Syncing events with Tripleseat
Synchronize bookings and inquiries between GamePlan and Tripleseat to automatically manage room inventory.
Accepting payments with Bluepay
Learn how to connect your Bluepay account with GamePlan.