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1. Review and sign the GamePlan Marketplace Partner Agreement

Your GamePlan contact will send an electronic agreement for you to sign. If you don’t have an agreement yet, please email [email protected].

2. Send group dining information

Send the following information to your partner contact.

  1. General restaurant information: Group dining description, cuisine, tags, pictures
  2. Menu information: Name, price, tax, gratuity, service charge, min/max capacity, allowed durations
  3. Room configurations: Name, type (private/semi-private/table), room description, capacity, minimum, room fee, deposit, booking and cancellation thresholds, tax & gratuity, service charge, and any additional fees
  4. How do you handle room availability? Physical book, Google calendar, third-party vendor

3. We build your venue page on GamePlan

GamePlan follows your group dining policies. This includes any room configuration, capacity, fee, deposit (% or fixed), and/or minimum dollar amount.

If we’re missing any information, your partner contact will email or call you to complete this step.

4. Schedule meeting to review your GamePlan venue page

Once all group dining information is entered into our system, your GamePlan partner contact will schedule a meeting to review your group dining information to make sure everything looks good.

5. Start booking!

You’re ready to start booking parties through GamePlan!

GamePlan has ongoing support for anything from customer communication to updating a seasonal menu. Feel free to email or call us at anytime with any questions, support, or updates you have.